Episode 1: Echoes of Thunder
Page 27: Coon Artist

May 29, 2019
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Coon Artist

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Author Notes

May 29, 2019
Thundest (DM)
Sometimes, you really want to fail something. For whatever reason, you, as a player, just want you, as a character, to completely botch a roll. This usually happens either when you want to make things more interesting or when you have some out-of-character knowledge that you're choosing not to act upon.

Naturally, such events are the one time that accursed die that never rolls above an 8 has a miraculous change of heart.

For a technical note, this was easily the hardest page I've had to do so far, but also the most fun. Not only was it possible to capture the elves in different stages of transformation, but there are way too many shots of Rayla looking cringey. And screengrabbing it involved a lot of rewatching Runaan transforming back from being a tree, and then immediately growling "you lied to me" while slow but intense music plays in the background. It's easily the coolest moment in the episode, which is good because I had to watch it like fifteen times in a row.