Episode 1: Echoes of Thunder
Page 23: He's Proficient in Carts, Though

May 20, 2019
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He's Proficient in Carts, Though

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May 20, 2019
Thundest (DM)
In character design, you have to walk the fine line between viable now and viable at higher levels. Personally, I mostly struggled with this when making paladins in D&D 3.5. By 6th level, 3.5 paladins have at-will detect evil, turn undead, an ability that adds their Cha to all saves, healing powers, immunity to fear and disease (even supernatural or magic), spells, a special mount, and the ability to smite evil twice in one round to deliver massive pain. By 20th level, paladins have... slightly more uses of all of that stuff, and linear increase in smite/turn undead power. By mid-level, it was easy to feel you were just throwing away levels by advancing as a paladin.

Multiclassing was always a tempting option, but once you did that, you could never increase your paladin level again. Additionally, you had to stay lawful good to retain your paladin powers, so even though a multiclass bard/paladin would be almost unstoppable, they could only use their full power while lawful good and only gain bard levels when they weren't lawful.

As a result, I used to plan out my paladin's careers ten levels or more in advance, even at level 1. Then I switched to 5E and suddenly paladins progressed at pretty much the same speed as other classes, and lost the multiclassing and alignment restrictions. Coincidentally, I think about 3 of my first 5 characters in that edition were paladins.




May 20, 2019
Friend of Fennecs
This is hilarious because it's so true. One of my current characters is a badass dual-wielding buffing warrior-mage... Or at least, she will be once she gains three levels and picks up the feats that will make her build semi-functional.